Summer Fun Means Summer Review of Important Documents

Making summer plans to travel?  While fun and exciting, travel can also mean accidents, illness and unexpected conditions.

This summer as you make plans to visit family or take that special trip, please take a moment to review your important legal documents.  Just as you make sure that someone gets your mail, waters the plants, etc. before you travel, you should take a moment to ensure that your estate planning documents are up to date and still reflect your wishes.

During this review, please pay particular attention to your healthcare directives, (i.e. your living will and health care power of attorney). These documents prepare you for a medical emergency. Please make sure that they exist and still reflect your current wishes. 

If you don’t have these documents or if they are out of date, I suggest you contact an attorney who specializes in Estate Planning as soon as possible. It is crucial you have these documents in place.

Updating and Sharing Your Current Digital Keys

So many of us have on-line accounts for banking, social media, and/or merchants. Many people fail to create a list of passwords and other log-in information for these accounts. Without these digital keys, survivors often have to get a court order to gain access to an account. Then they must convince the company running the website to heed their authority. The costs start to pile up.

I recommend you put together a list that contains: name of institution you have an on-line account with, nature of the account, username and password. Put a copy with your other important papers in your home (hopefully that means in a fire-proof and water-proof safe). Continue to update it as necessary.

 Leave town without worry that your affairs aren’t in order should something happen to you. You’ll enjoy your trip so much more!

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