Do You Need An Estate Plan?


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What Is An Estate Plan?

An Estate Plan is essentially a compilation of legal documents assuring that in the event of your incapacity or death, your family is protected from a number of different and very real risks which, if not avoided, can be quite costly in terms of time, money and aggravation. People create estate plans to avoid these costs, and because it’s important to take care of everything you own and those you love.  This is done by…


Controlling Your Property While You are Alive and Well

We want to create a structure for our assets that will enable us to manage our affairs while we are OK and in a manner that doesn’t create an undue burden upon us, but is in place in the event something does happen to us.


Planning for Yourself and Your Loved Ones if You Become Incapacitated

Incapacity ImageYou may not be aware that you are much more likely to become incapacitated than die prematurely.  Should this happen and you have not done this work, your family will have to seek a court order giving someone the authority to act on you behalf when you cannot act yourself.  As important, you should make sure that when the time comes, you…


Give What You Have, to Whom You Want, the Way You Want, and When You Want

Assuring that what you have gets to whom you want is not as easy as you may think.  The fact is that once you’re gone, unless you have a properly prepared plan, your life’s work may wind up in the hands of people you don’t like or don’t even know.  I call this the possibility of “inadvertent disinheritance”. Further, unless you have prepared, your assets may be given in a way that really doesn’t make sense.  Will these assets be protected against the possibility of lawsuit or divorce?  If there is a business involved, how can you be sure the children in the business and those not in the business will be treated equally or fairly? Also, making sure your life’s work passes when you want can be difficult. For example sending assets down to the kids when they really aren’t ready or mature enough to handle them could be disastrous. You should also protect those you love by…


Ensuring long term protection for your family and property.

There are myriad risks you and your family face that can be avoided if you are willing to plan.  For example, we can protect against the risk of loss due to a lawsuit or even a predator.  We can also protect against the possibility of loss due to divorce, or assets flowing to individuals you would never have sent them to.  All of these are very real possibilities that can be marginalized if you’re willing to spend a little time creating your own personal estate plan. Now, as if all of this were not enough, you certainly want to protect your family by…


Keeping You OFF the “Government Plan”

If you don’t have an estate plan, you are on the Government Plan, which means your family loses control to the Probate Court.  Find out more in the next video called The ‘Government Plan’—Are You on it?

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