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A Last Will and Testament is a written declaration of how an individual wants his or her property distributed after death. A will also nominates an executor, and a guardian if there are any minor children to be cared for. Unfortunately, many people mistakenly think estate planning only involves the writing of a will, and that by doing so they will avoid probate. In fact, the creation of a will guarantees probate and assures you are on the “Government Plan.”

Proper estate planning also involves consideration of one’s financial, tax, medical and business issues. A will is part of the planning process, but you must have other documents as well to fully address your estate planning needs.

A Trust (sometimes called a “Living Trust”) is a device for holding property, most commonly to avoid the probate process and reduce one’s taxable estate.  There are many different types of trusts, and many different provisions that can be included in them, all of which assures our ability to customize your estate plan so that your wishes for the distribution of your life’s work are followed.

Our estate planning process is highly interactive.  We will meet with you to identify your desires and their priority in order to craft an estate plan that is as unique as you are.  You can expect the entire process to take about three weeks, start-to-finish, though more complex needs may take longer to fully identify and address. Contact us today to get started on maximizing your protection!

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